Destroyer Draft V.1 -  Prologue
Just a basic story I am writing.

The boy sat helping Naana load up the water, this is probably something Naana could do herself, but Naana was having a baby and he didn't want Naana to tax herself. Naana as opposed to what her name would imply was not an old lady, she was a women in her 20's and she was expecting her first child.

Naana had looked after him from the time he could remember, which wasn't much, he would be turning nine in few months. His mother had to leave because she lost her standing because of him, he was weak. She never had a standing to begin with, she thought of the boy as a goldmine, when he was born, he grew up as a royal prince until he was 6, but everything turned naught when they realised how weak he was. His mother had a choice, to stay back with him and try to fight for her place, but this would have been difficult, his mother always was prickly about her pride. She could never live with the sneers and the mocking that would be directed at her for being the source of such a weakling. So it was decided, she would return back home, the boy couldn't go with her, as his bloodline wouldn't allow it. He was the son of a king, even the weakest had duties. He didn't want to go with her either, he got the distinct sense that she didn't want him anymore. This was the first taste of real world for the boy, it only got worse and worse form there. He had slowly been stripped of every privilege one by one.

Some time has passed, the boy by now had become the things his mother feared she would become, an object of sneering and mocking- eyes around him looked with disgust, Rulers were supposed to protect the weak, they had no place being weak.

The boy wasn't aloof to anything, he was aware of everything, he had no other choice - the choices were for the strong and he wasn't one. For now he had no choice and he wasn't bothered as he had Naana and Kuzak by his side, they kept him sane.

"Boy, can you go fetch some more water? The water is not enough, we need some more for the garden", the boy heard Naana shouting at the top of her lungs. The boy looked at the "garden", even though Kuzak had come around to calling it a garden, he still couldn't see the patch of grass as garden.

He anyway gently loaded down the water and he was off, scurrying off to get the water. things like internal plumbing were only for the royals, the rest of them had to fetch water from the river. He could fetch the water the fastest, he was fast and his small frame allowed him to take shortcuts an adult couldn't. His ability also meant he could carry a multitude of water than rest of them could. So Naana always trusted him to fetch the water, even over Kuzak.

The boy took one of his regular shortcuts, he didn't particularly like this one as it had a lot of teritweed, one touch could mean a whole lot of itching. He nimbly dodged the teritweed and ran, he slowed down as he heard shouting form some distance ahead, the boy had his curiousity piqued but he didn't want to get into trouble, he went ahead at a crawling pace and he slid from tree to tree. He came across a clearing and saw some of the older kids, he immediately wanted to get out of there and cursed his curiosity, it was Razor and his lackeys, his older brother. Razor was one of his strongest siblings and also one of the most cruelest, Razor had bullied the boy into painful nights and he had always walked scot-free, getting caught by Razor in a remote area would be the worst possible outcome that could happen. He was about to slowly crawl back the way he came when he heard a whimper, he looked back and saw a person curled into a ball at Razors feet.

It was Lebas, a son of lesser noble, he was a weakling like the boy, but even Lebas had better standing than him. Lebas went into a coughing fit, the boy was concerned about Lebas, he knew Razor was nowhere near done with Lebas. The boy knew things would only get worse for Lebas, and the boy didn't want to get involved as he couldn't do anything that could possibly help out Lebas, but he respected Lebas, he was not kind to the boy, but he wasn't cruel either and there were very few people the boy could say this about.

The boy decided he would help out Lebas, The boy worked up a plan - the boy was not going to get involved directly, people may call it cowardice, but this is not a world where a weakling like him could get involved so easily. His plan hinged on the fact that even though Razor could get away with anything, his lackeys couldn't afford it, the boy thought if he could somehow scare the lackeys, that should be good enought.

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